Marketing Ideas to Promote Your New Business

In this era of business competition, it is very challenging for a new business to make a mark. The initial days will be struggling but if you manage to get the marketing strategies right, then success will eventually come. Here are some great marketing ideas to promote your new business:

Marketing Ideas to promote your new business - Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver

Be Social

In this age of social media, not being active on social networking websites can be considered as a sin especially if you are a new business. They provide a great platform to communicate with your existing customers and also to get more customers. When it comes to social networking websites, Facebook is arguably the most popular choice. Create a Facebook page for your business and make sure that you update the page frequently. Upload photos of your products and videos explaining their features. It is also very important to interact with all your followers. The best thing about Facebook is that they have several metrics with the help of which you can track the results of your page. You can also take the help of Facebook ads to promote your business. Facebook ads are not free but they are a great way to increase the follower base. However, don’t just limit yourself to Facebook. There are several other popular social media networking websites such as Twitter and Instagram. It is important to have a strong social media presence on as many social networking sites as possible. It will be great if you manage to synchronize all your accounts.


Blogging is a great way to engage with your existing customers and as well as to attract new clients. Just make sure that you update your blog frequently with relevant content in order to keep all your subscribers interested. In order to get more subscribers to your blog, you should also follow the blogs of others and leave comments. You should also make sure that you reply to all the comments in your blog post. The best thing about blogging is that it is extremely cost effective. Creating a blog is absolutely free. You can write blogs by yourself or you can also hire freelance writers to do the job for you.

Create a good website

The design of your website is also very important. Even if the content is very good, no one is going to go through your website unless you get the design right. The first thing which you should make sure is that the website loads quickly. It should also be easily navigable and should be visually appealing. In order to make an attractive website, you can consider hiring a web designer. It is a one-time investment and is definitely worth the money. Another benefit of hiring a web designer is that they will also make sure that your website is working fine on mobile devices as well. This is very important because most of the people use their smartphones to visit websites.


When you are just starting out, it is important to build brand awareness and gain goodwill. The best way to do that is by giving away free gifts to some of your potential customers. It is a very effective way to gain goodwill and get new customers at the same time. The gifts don’t need to be very expensive. They can be simple things like notepads or pens. However, make sure that the name of your brand is there on all your gifts. For example, if you are gifting a pen to someone, the name and logo of your brand should be engraved on it.

Email Marketing

For a business which is just starting out, email marketing can also prove to be very effective. In order for Email Marketing to be effective, you first need to build a big email list. Whenever someone visits your website or whenever anyone buys a product from you, you should make them fill a form where they have to fill in their basic contact details. Through emails, you can stay in touch with your existing customers and also inform potential customers about your new launches. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. If you send emails on a regular basis, they will get annoyed. Two times a week is good enough. You can also divide your email list into various groups on the basis of their location or other factors and then send customized emails to each group.

Open a stall in an exhibition

This is also a very effective marketing strategy. Opening a stall in an exhibition has various benefits. To start with, you get to interact with plenty of people at one place. It gives you an opportunity to communicate directly with your potential customers and explain them everything about the features and benefits of your products. In order to attract more people to your stall, you can also give out free gifts like key rings or fridge magnets with the name of your business engraved on it. Apart from that, in an exhibition, you also get to know how your competitors are doing and about their strategies. You get to know where exactly you stand.

Press Releases

Even in this digital world, press releases have an important role to play. Plenty of people read newspapers on a regular basis. A nicely written press release will surely catch their attention because the opening of a new business is always welcomed as it results in new job creation. If the target group of your business is within your own city, then press releases will help you a lot.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies which every business is implementing, irrespective of their size. The main advantage of SEO is that it makes your website more visible in the various search engines like Google and Yahoo. Your content may be excellent. However, if no one is able to visit your website, then there is no point. SEO is also very cost effective. You have to hire an SEO expert to do the job for you.


October 11, 2020